I am Karl. I like music and big crates of beer.
Hire me.
I am good.
But not cheap.
Here are a selection of songs that i have written, produced and played on myself.
I was born in southern countries.
With red sky burning bare.
When i'm alone and craving comfort.
I follow that sky back home there.

But it's such a long way.
From the pull of city lights.
They've drawn me in from home.
Travel the dizzy heights.
I always tell myself.

All towns are sacred.
All streets are free.
All towns are something sacred.
Tread carefully.

When i first came to put my feet
On the fresh ground in front of me.
I needed someone to stand me up then.
Take the strain from my wings.

What can i say?
The only ones i love.
Are standing here in front.
They'll tell me when enough is enough.
I will always think

All friends are sacred.
My time is free.
All friends are something sacred.
Tread carefully.

Take me to a place where you.
Feel like you can do.
Anything at all.
I'm in the town, the home i've found.
I'm looking for the open door.
There's no one around.
Won't you, stay with me.
I can't believe, we're all alive.

All life is sacred.
My life is free.
All life is something sacred.
Tread carefully.